What Is Therapy? (1/3)

What is therapy (1/3)…

Therapy can be a confusing experience. From trying to access support, finding the right service/person to suit you, and to actually doing the work, there are many questions that come up. Here are some common ones:

*What is therapy?

Psychotherapy and counselling are types of talking therapy which can help you to understand and manage your mental health. This does not include diagnosis nor prescribing medication, so is different from a psychiatrist or other kind of medical doctor.

There are many different kinds of therapy which you can access for free/low cost via the NHS and third sector, or you can hire a private psychotherapist if you are able to pay yourself.

*What happens in a session?

In order to support you, your therapist needs to learn about you and what you need.

They may ask you questions to understand what you’re struggling with now, any coping strategies, your support network and relationships, and significant experiences in the past which you feel affect you currently.

You have a space to speak freely and be asked questions, to make progress together.

I ask that we set goals you want to achieve in working together, so that you are making the changes you want to make.

I believe therapy is a two-way process. This means I am pro-active and share my thoughts with you. In this way we can think, explore, and try new things together at your pace.

*Isn’t it all just about me finding the answers?

Whilst the focus is on you as the client, you are not the only person in the room. This means therapy is a two-way conversation and a collaborative process, rather than you being expected to find answers and coping mechanisms yourself.

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