Pre-Trial Therapy

'Pre-trial therapy' is a term set by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), referring to legal guidelines on how therapy notes may be requested and used as evidence in criminal proceedings (to view click here). This is relevant to practitioners working with any victim of any crime.  However, the guidelines tend to be disproportionately applied to victims/survivors of sexual and domestic abuse.

There is currently no standardised nor mandatory training for counsellors and psychotherapists on this topic, causing anxiety and confusion on how to manage legal requests for information. Previous versions of the CPS guidelines have restricted what clients/victims/survivors can discuss about their traumatic experiences in therapy, increasing this anxiety and confusion.

For victims/survivors seeking therapeutic support, many are left without the assurance that they will receive a truly private and confidential service.

Support to Work Pre-Trial with Clients

I offer training, consultancy, writing, and speaking services (media, interviews, presentations) on the topic of pre-trial therapy. Areas that can be covered include:

What is pre-trial therapy?

Summary of criminal justice system.

CPS guidelines: legacy and current version.

Contracting and note-taking.

Managing Police and CPS requests or court orders for notes.

Appearing in court as a witness.

Working within a therapists' ethical code, GDPR guidance and ICO compliance.

Survivor experiences of reporting and barriers to disclosure.

Understanding the specific needs of marginalised communities when working pre-trial (e.g.- LGBT+ people, refugees, asylum seekers, Black people and people of colour).

Taking action for and with survivors.

Working Experience

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