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I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and also hold a qualification in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling. I trained for six years to gain these qualifications, and have been seeing adult clients in a variety of services since 2010 to offer psychotherapy and counselling. I am a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the Radical Therapist Network, and the Metanoia Institute.

My experience includes supporting people of varying gender, sexuality, and relationship types (including monogamy and polyamory). I offer a LGBTQIA+ affirmative service, which you can read more about here. I also support people from a diverse range of cultural and ethnic heritages. This means that, however you identify, you're welcome to contact me.

I work primarily from a trauma-informed and relational perspective, often using an embodied approach to talking therapy. I use psychodynamic, intersubjective, and attachment theory which I update in line with modern perspectives such as: trauma-informed approaches, anti-oppressive practice, and queer-affirmative theory. I am trained in the Re-Wind technique, which helps to alleviate the symptoms of trauma.

Working from an integrative perspective allows me to tailor my approach to each individual person. I am a pro-active participant in the work we do together. This is because I understand that when you are ready to start psychotherapy, you want to feel you are moving forward with the changes you want to make.

Experience in non-therapeutic roles within mental health support services greatly informs my work. It also maintains my awareness of the client's experience of mental health service provision and surrounding factors. Therefore, I understand the importance of respect, autonomy, empowerment, and kindness in delivering a therapeutic service.

I am able to assist with a wide range of personal difficulties around mental health and wellbeing, including: depression, anxiety, personal development, personal identity, relationships, and trauma.

My specialist skills are in supporting people who have experienced sexual violence. Linked to this is my work in supporting people who have experienced domestic violence (sexual, physical, and/or psychological abuse).

Much of my skills in these areas were gained through creating and co-ordinating two specialist community services for survivors, lobbying to challenge the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on pre-trial therapy, and delivering psychotherapy to those directly affected by sexual and domestic violence.

I am available to work face-to-face or online. To fully see what I can offer you as a Psychotherapist, please take a look at the psychotherapy and counselling page.

Thus far I have several years of experience in writing, speaking, and delivering training about mental health, trauma, and sexual violence so that practitioners and the general public are more informed about these topics. This includes a textbook for trainee and qualified practitioners: 'Psychotherapy with Survivors of Sexual Violence: Inside & Outside the Room' (Routledge). I also offer consultancy for practitioners and organisations that are looking to create and deliver therapeutic services. You're welcome to view more examples of my writing, speaking, and training experience at the bottom of this page.

I believe the process of psychotherapy is about getting to know one's self more consciously both as an individual, and as someone that exists within relationships, groups and social structures.  Knowing more about yourself can help to make choices about your life, and the important things in it. You can also make these choices with more confidence to better fulfil who you are as a person. It can also help you resolve past experiences that are stopping you from moving forward in your life.

For further information about my range of skills, and working experience please have a look at the boxes below, see the FAQs on counselling and psychotherapy, or contact me.

  • MSc Integrative Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute)
  • Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling (Metanoia Institute)
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (Metanoia Institute)
  • Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversity Therapy (Pink Therapy: due to be completed 2022)

All trainings undertaken at the Metanoia Institute are validated by Middlesex University.

  • Member of UKCP (Humanistic & Integrative College)
  • Member of Metanoia Institute
  • Member of the Radical Therapist Network
  • Member of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility

Creating & Co-Ordinating Specialist Services Alongside Delivering Psychotherapy & Counselling:

  • Support After Rape & Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL)
  • Together Women Project Leeds

Psychotherapy and Counselling:

  • Barnsley Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Services (BSARCS)
  • The Tuke Centre, York
  • NHS Psychology & Psychotherapy Therapy Service Leeds
  • Women's Counselling & Therapy Service Leeds
  • University of Bradford Student Counselling Service
  • University of Leeds Student Counselling Centre
  • Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

Observational Work & Clinical Team Support:

  • Clifton House Low Secure Forensic Service, Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Intensive Community Services, Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Crisis Assessment Service, Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Project Management & Administration:

  • Complex Trauma Therapist's Network (CTTN)
  • Freedom from Torture Yorkshire & Humberside
  • Leeds Mind Wellbeing Service

I have experience in working with a wide range of difficulties, including:

  • Abuse (Emotional/Psychological, Physical, Sexual)
  • Relationships
  • Personal Self-Development and Self-Identity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Areas Specific to LGBTQ+ Persons

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