Psychotherapy With Survivors of Sexual Violence

In October 2021 my first book, Psychotherapy With Survivors of Sexual Violence: Inside and Outside the Room, was published.

The book is based on a decade of working experience in supporting adults of any gender manage the trauma of sexual violence.  From psychotherapy appointments, community-based work, and setting up specialist services, I am able to pass on what I have learned via my work on to you.

Quotes from a range of survivors are used throughout to enable readers to understand what is needed from psychotherapists wherever we might encounter people and communities affected by abuse.

The book is aimed at mental health professionals, including those in training, who want to better support and understand people with lived experience of sexual violence. There is a focus not only on how to support survivors in a therapeutic setting, but also on a psychotherapist's social responsibility to push back against the issue of sexual violence in the wider world - for and with our clients.



1. Sexual Violence in Context

2. The Personal Impact of Sexual Violence

3. Psychotherapy as Activism

4. The Challenge of Myths

5. Working Relationally with Survivors

6. Promoting Empowerment

7. Delivering Pre-Trial Therapy in the UK

8. Vicarious Trauma: Impact & Management

Where To Buy The Book

Upcoming Book Events

If you would like an online or in-person session with me to discuss concepts from the book, along with the opportunity to ask questions, please get in touch (fees negotiable). This can be a helpful addition to training courses, conferences, and workshops.

Information about up coming book events will be posted here.