Writing & Speaking

My work as a Psychotherapist has always included working ‘outside the room’, beyond psychotherapy appointments.

My aim is to take up my social responsibility, contributing to collective change wherever possible. Understanding that the mental health system is inaccessible to many motivates this work, meaning that I offer public-facing information and support wherever possible.

If we better understand that psychotherapists and clients co-exist in the same world, we can minimise victim-blaming and pathologisation of people who experience societal disempowerment, oppression, and violence/violations from individuals, groups, and societal systems.

My experience of practising psychotherapy as a form of activism in working ‘outside the room’ includes: raising awareness on mental health issues, tackling myths and misconceptions about sexual violence, and developing good practice within my field. Examples are:

Podcast recordings

Radio interviews

Online and print articles for mental health professionals and the general public

Publication of a professional textbook for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Providing information and comments for the media

Conference presentations

Delivering speeches at events

Facilitating peer/group events for others to speak and be supported

Lecturing and teaching

Delivering bespoke training online and in person

Contributing to policies and guidance articles.

For examples of my experience in writing, and speaking please click here.

Anj Handa – Inspiring Women Changemakers (Founder)

Anj Handa – Inspiring Women Changemakers (Founder)

Erene is a valued member of Inspiring Women Changemakers, and is leading on our domestic and sexual abuse reporting policy lobbying work along with two other members. It is rare to find a practitioner who is an expert in both policy and practice - Erene is one of those rare people. Her writing is clear and succinct, and she's a confident speaker. I highly recommend you contact her if you need an expert speaker in this field.

Dorothy Hodgkinson – Independent Advocate, Coach, and Facilitator

Dorothy Hodgkinson – Independent Advocate, Coach, and Facilitator

Erene is a dedicated therapist with high ethical standards who continuously challenges personal and professional development to the highest standards. Her contribution is always worth listening to and engaging with.

Working Together

I am available for writing and speaking about the following areas:

Mental health and wellbeing

Sexual violence and abuse


Domestic violence

Pre-trial therapy: talking therapy delivered to those who have an active report, investigation or trial following making a report about a crime to the police

Issues affecting the LGBT+ community

Psychotherapy as activism.

I always welcome enquiries from those who want to work with me. Please get in touch to discuss any projects we could collaborate on.