Making Changes In Psychotherapy

My working experience has taught me that people want two things from seeing a Psychotherapist. These are a private space to speak freely and be heard, and a sense of moving forward rather than being stuck.

These point to the underlying elements of the process which is the working relationship, and the co-created space, between you and your Psychotherapist.

A helpful way to think about this is: what is it like to have a conversation between us in appointments? How does this help us inform the things that are difficult for you at the moment?

Asking these questions helps us bring what happens in your wider life into the room for us to work with in a live way. We will relate to each other in ways that are similar to how you relate to yourself, and other people, in your life.


What is equally important in psychotherapy along with the working relationship is you being assured that we are making the changes you need to see. Doing so means your mental health is being taken care of. The way I do this is to set goals with you at the beginning of our work, which gives us a focus and a benchmark for our overall conversations.

We will then review every few sessions to think about how much we’re working on your goals, are we closer to achieving them, and is there anything we need to tweak to make this more effective.


I ask lots of questions to get to know you, and to tailor my support to you. I also tell you what I’m thinking to see if an alternative perspective is helpful, and to help you make sense of what’s going on. You can ask me any questions at any time too as it’s a two-way process. This is part of thinking together, and perhaps considering things you might not be able to with anyone else.

Being pro-active as a Psychotherapist respects the fact that you have asked me to work with you, and I take that responsibility seriously. I don’t believe it’s helpful to simply sit back and let you find the answers, so I will step up to your challenges with you.

If you’d like to explore working together face-to-face, or online, get in touch.

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