Support Services for Survivors

Support Services for Survivors…

It’s important to recognise that the impact of sexual violence can be as varied as each survivor who experiences it. I’d like to #ShoutOutForSurvivors who have specific experiences and/or parts of their identity that need to be included in the support received, when they’re ready to receive it.

Revenge Porn Helpline

MOCRA (Mothers of Children Conceived in Rape & Abuse)

Foundation for Women’s Health Research & Development (FORWARD) @forwarduk_
An African Diaspora women-led service tackling FGM, child marriage and women’s rights.

The Hideout
For young people wanting information and support on abusive relationships.

Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, Turkish and English advice for Middle Eastern women and girls on domestic violence, “honour” based violence, forced marriage, FGM, separation and divorce, child custody, housing and benefits.

Muslim Women’s Network UK
Improving social justice and equality for Muslim women and girls.

Galop Helpline
LGBT+ anti-abuse helpline.
0800 999 5428

LGBT Switchboard Helpline

My Body Back Project
Offering cervical screening, contraceptive care, STI testing and maternity care for people who’ve experienced sexual violence.

Rape Crisis Centres
Offering a range of services for women and girls who have been raped or experienced another form of sexual violence.
0808 802 9999

The Survivors Trust (TST)
A national umbrella agency for over 130 specialist rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Beaumont Trust
A helpline for transgender people and their family, friends and partners.
0700 287 878

Survivors UK
For men and boys.

National Working Group (NWG)
The NWG is a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 1000 practitioners working in the field of sexual exploitation and trafficking within the UK.
01332 585371

A confidential helpline offering advice, information and support to help you stop being violent and abusive to your partner.
0808 802 404

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