Sexual trauma caused by sexual violence or abuse is harmful for both a girl and a boy. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is commonly observed as a condition followed by anxiety, nightmares, and repetition of the events for nearly many months. Such symptoms are seen in sexual related PTSD where an individual comes in connection with unwanted sexual experiences. Childhood abuse, sexual touching, forcing someone perform unwanted acts, oral sex, acquaintance rapes, date rapes are some of the examples of sexual violence.

The impact is not only physical but it is much more than that affecting mental health of a person. Victims either face physical or psychological force. Psychological force involves coercion through blackmailing or by manipulating. Most of the sexual assaults or rapes happen by someone a person trusts or knows. Such crimes are prevalent worldwide. The impact or aftermath of such assaults is very dangerous. Such things leave an individual shattered, feared and ashamed for lifetime. They carry with them memories of the most unpleasant events in their life. They lose confidence, self-worth, doubt themselves and their sanity. They start fearing relationships and are often scared of getting intimate with their loved ones. However there are many solutions for getting over sexual abuse if right people or centres are approached.

Talking to counselor or trustworthy people: – The foremost step in getting over sexual abuse is talking to someone who is very trustworthy and close to a person. A counselor is rather the best person to interact with. When someone hides their feelings and keeps things to them, it actually adds to the mental stress and trauma. Speak to someone who is supportive, understanding and helpful enough to pull out of the dangerous situation. Getting over sexual abuse is possible when someone talks to a therapist or undergoes integrative therapy by psychiatrist.

Getting over sexual abuse

Joining encouraging group: – There are institutes or groups who encourage people who are undergoing mental trauma because of unfavorable events. Sexual survivors are assisted in coping and recovering from such traumatic situations. There are many online groups who make them feel less isolated.

Reassurance: – Reassure your mind, body and self that the traumatic event is over.  Involve in activities like dancing, singing, walking, yoga, meditation, massaging. All these activities are meant to soothe and calm the body. Engage in some powerful programs by spiritual speakers. Feel the present moment and accept the past as it is. Avoid yourself from feeling guilty and shame.  Accept that some things happen and they are uncontrollable. Assure yourself that it was past and live in the present moment with strong mind.

Touching: – For getting over sexual abuse, it is important to understand that touch is not bad. Victims should not consider or conclude touch as a bad activity. Massaging is one sort of relaxing touch that gives comfort. The power of touch is huge as it is way of giving and receiving affection.

Integrative therapy includes cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic and mindfulness therapies. The above mentioned are different types of therapies designed to overcome psychological problems. The therapy can be individualized according to the person’s situation or condition.  Working with children, teens, adults is possible through this therapy. The impact varies from person to person hence tackling with each one of them is possible through such therapies.

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