Insights to the rising need of Mental Health Awareness of Women

Everyone has the right to enjoy good mental health, irrespective of gender, race, caste, or creed. And this fact is either purposefully neglected or not even given a thought upon at all. In the initial stages of civilization, the world had been quite male-dominated for a while. Although there is no harshness or hatred towards the male population, one needs to put certain important issues to light.

Being a woman is not an easy task in this modern era. With society throwing in endless demands and expectations from all sides, women often feel trapped in their responsibilities. So, if you are one of them or are in touch with such women, you have come to the right place. As you read along, you will find why the wood needs more women’s counseling services and how to raise awareness.

Undeniable reasons why most women need psychotherapy.

Several types of research conducted concerning women’s mental health state that one out of five women suffer from anxiety and depression, and the numbers have been rising over the years. There are many reasons for this. Some of them have been listed below.

• Many find it difficult to cope with the rising demands of the family and society and suffer from an inferiority complex.
• The loss of a loved one can cause immense grief that can be difficult to overcome. Many cannot deal with the close and dear ones being far away from them and fall into depression.
• The need for perfection causes women to feel anxious about almost everything they do. It causes high levels of anxiety and stress at times.
• Some women suffer from adjustment issues and cannot blend in with new environments, be it after marriage or after becoming a mother.

Promoting awareness about women’s counseling services

The man-made assumptions about mental health reacted issues are always a house filled with uncountable misconceptions. And the way it is expressed or denoted in most societies is very ill and disturbing at times. Although people are slowly but steadily realizing the importance of mental health and the medical treatments associated with it in this modern era, a large proportion of the population is still living in darkness. And this is especially true in the remote and underdeveloped regions of the world.

women counseling services

Hence, promoting general mental well-being and women’s counselling services is direly needed in these challenging times. It is rightly said by the wise that youth are the building blocks of a nation, but women’s role in the steady growth of a nation is often neglected. So, if youth are the building blocks, women can be the pillar that supports these blocks. Back to the main issue, one can take many measures to promote awareness about women’s mental health. Some of them have been mentioned below in brief.

•  Social media sites are a great platform to increase awareness on this matter. The enthusiasts can start online surveys and campaigns to gather like-minded people.
•  Counselors should focus on getting in more female clients and help them talk about their issues freely.
•  Students and the youth should be taught about this and other related and engaging matters of concern in educational institutions.

Hence, in this fast pacing world where everyone is competing in a rat race, no one has the time to spare a glance even to their opponent. But many tend to overwork and overthink and slowly lose who they truly are in the process. So, if you happen to spare a glance at the person running beside you and realize that it is a female, who could use some of your help, do not hesitate because there are millions of women out there, who need women’s counselling services to at least make them capable of walking through this race and rediscovering themselves and their suppressed emotions and potentials. And who knows? Maybe they can help you win the race even.

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