Women and Depression

Due to hormones and the complex nature of women’s bodies, they face many issues from childhood to old age. Men don’t have to face even 10 percent of women’s problems. Women have been treated as a weak section of society and denied equal rights for ages. Women have complex bodies, and they experience frequent changes in their bodies. Women have no shortage of challenges, especially since they are fighting on two fronts’ offices and home. To give some relief to them up to some extent, women’s counseling services are run by agencies like Therapy Leeds. 

women's counseling services

Women and their issues: – 

A report from the United States Department of Labor shows some worrisome statistics – 

– In 2014, there was a 21.4 wage gap between men’s and women’s pay. 

– 57 percent of women of all ages participate in the workforce

Women suffer from depression frequently because of the stages they have to go through. Women go through different phases in life, and balancing acts between family and professional life takes a toll on them many times. 

Perinatal Depression – 

During this period, counseling Leeds proved very helpful for women suffering from depression. Almost 10 percent of women experiencing baby blues may rise to postpartum depression. The following are the symptoms –

  • High anxiety, obsessions, or ruminations
  • Fatigue, sleep disturbance
  • Change in appetite
  • Poor concentration
  • Loss of interest in usual activities
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or incompetence
  • Suicidal thoughts

Perimenopause-related Depression – 

A woman faces trauma while going through the transition phase called menopause. They face depression during this phase because of hormone fluctuation, and they can also face hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and insomnia. 

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder – 

It is a significant premenstrual mood disturbance that may impair functioning and affect relationships. Those who suffer from this experience severe depression or intense anxiety during the week or two before the menstrual cycle. 

Women and Trauma – 

Women live with trauma, as it is reported that women face trauma much more than their male counterparts. They have been experiencing a lot of abuse their whole life, right from childhood. They face sexual or child sexual abuse, which is the case with more than 85 percent of women. Traumatic events and abusive relationships are no good and lead to solid symptoms of anxiety, flashbacks, depression, fear, loss of interest, and a lot more. 

How can counseling help?

The irony is that most women do not share this depression phase with anyone. Fortunately, these issues can be solved with proper women’s counseling servicesbut the initiative must be taken by sufferers. Counselors help depression patients come up from their deep feelings of being down through regular sessions and evaluate the patient’s status after each session. You can also find most counselors are female because they know what women go through very well. 

Conclusion: – 

Depression and anxiety are two major enemies of women. Though naturally, women are said to be the most patient human beings, they cannot sustain themselves if they feel broken. To take women out of the such stage, Therapy Leeds comes forward to help them out. 

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