There are multiple barriers to accessing mental health support for most people. These can include a lack of: funding for statutory and private healthcare, specialist support, and safe spaces for minoritised groups.

One way to minimise such barriers is for psychotherapists to take up their social responsibility and go into their communities to offer support, rather than expecting people to be able to navigate barriers to access appointments.

My work includes taking on projects for a reduced fee, or as a volunteer, within the community wherever possible. Examples are:

 Finding Your Identity Amongst Trauma (closed Zoom workshops for survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse)

 Feel Better Leeds NHS Campaign: Trauma-Informed Stress Management

 Guest speaker at Leeds Reclaim the Night Rally

Support for Survivors Workshop series: Female-Identifying Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Crossland Wellbeing: Guest speaker on ‘The Impact of Trauma’


If you would like to collaborate to support your local community, get in touch here.

Upcoming Community Events

Information about upcoming community events will be posted here. Click here for information about upcoming events related to my book.

Isobel Crossland – Logotherapist & Group Facilitator

Isobel Crossland – Counsellor & Group Facilitator

We felt blessed to have Erene speak to our mental health support group members about trauma and its effects. Erene was a wonderful presence, and delivered a fascinating talk covering a wide range of trauma-related information. Her talk was accessible and down to earth, and we learnt a lot about how trauma affects us and what can help. Erene was enigmatic, professional and inspiring. We’d love to have her speak at our events in the future.

Louisa Rodriguez - Learning & Development Manager

Louisa Rodriguez - Learning & Development Manager

I have worked with Erene numerous times over the last five years running various events. Erene always speaks with confidence and expertise on issues around mental health, women, LGBTQ,  PTSD, and trauma. She has a great passion for these areas speaking from a depth of experience, and knowledge. She has become a leading expert in the area of trauma, particularly sexual violence, yet she communicates in a way that is relatable, interesting and engages her audience. Erene is a excellent speaker, and one I would highly recommend.