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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Confidential psychotherapy and counselling services are offered within a safe, private space in Leeds city centre or online via a secure platform. You're welcome to get in touch if you feel ready to do so.

When you contact me I will offer some time to have a brief phone call with you, which is free of charge. This gives you the opportunity to ask me anything you want to know including how I work, and what to expect, as I appreciate seeing a professional can feel like a big step. I can also to find out a little more about you to see if my skills, and experience match up with what you need. We will discuss your preference to work online or face-to-face, as both of these are options available to you.

Everyone has different levels of anxiety or nervousness about meeting someone for the first time. If you need to discuss anything to make you feel more able to attend an appointment, then we can do this in advance of meeting so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Your first appointment with me is an initial meeting. This is a conversation between the two of us which will help me know more about your past and present experiences, what brings you to therapy at this point, and what you would like to change. I can more fully see whether what I have to offer is suitable for you, too.

Above all, you get to experience how I work so that you can make an informed decision about whether I'm the right person who can support you. After we meet, you're welcome to take some time to decide whether you'd like to move ahead to weekly appointments.

The relationship between you and your Psychotherapist is primarily what moves the work forward. Therefore, simply thinking about whether we can work together is an important thing to consider from the outset.

We can meet for as long as you feel is useful - this can be agreed at the outset of our work, or after a few appointments. We will also review our progress during the course of your counselling and psychotherapy appointments to ensure that you are getting what you want from our work together.

Have questions, or feel unsure? Take a look at the FAQs page, this blog post about appointments, or get in touch.

Location & Appointment Times

My practice is located at Princes Exchange, LS1 4HY. This is in Leeds city centre, directly opposite Leeds Rail Station. There are many bus stops and parking available. I also offer appointments online via a secure platform.

I offer weekly psychotherapy appointments between Monday and Friday at a variety of times. For enquiries about my availability, please do get in touch.

Appointments are available for individuals aged 18 and above.


My aim with Therapy Leeds is to make private psychotherapy and counselling as accessible as possible, with the understanding that funding this support can be a barrier for many people. Therefore, I offer the following range of fees for appointments:

£30 – for those on benefits and no other income

£45 – Trainee Psychotherapists/Counsellors

£50 – for those on an income from any source under £20,000 p/a

£60 – for those on an income from any source over £20,000 p/a

I am an approved Bupa provider. Please click here for my profile, and further information.