NESTT Pre-Trial Therapy Training

Join me on 26th September 2022 for an in-person workshop on pre-trial therapy at NESTT (Pocklington, East Yorkshire). Trainee and qualified practitioners are welcome – CPD certificates & resources will be provided.

Supporting victims of crimes who have an active report, investigation, or trial whilst accessing talking therapy means we must abide by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) guidelines on ‘pre-trial therapy’. How do we manage the practicalities & experience of pre-trial work for & with trauma survivors?

Using trauma-informed and empowerment-based approaches, we will:- Experientially explore our position within the intersection of the mental health and criminal justice systems

– Understand the ongoing legacy of the 2002 CPS guidelines for adults

– Prepare for changes to these guidelines (following a public consultation in 2020)

– Consider the dual challenge of surviving trauma whilst surviving the often re-traumatising criminal justice system

– Explore the power dynamics involved in working pre-trial with survivors of trauma.

To book a place on this training, contact lydiamoor@icloud.com