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Support During Covid-19 Crisis

At this time of crisis, many people are being faced with a decline in their mental health with less support available. Here are the options available for you via Therapy Leeds.

Online Psychotherapy

You are welcome to contact me to make an enquiry about having psychotherapy online.

Free Videos

Visit my YouTube page for free resources on understanding, and managing your mental health.

Free Emotional & Practical Support Services

The lockdown, and restrictions on social contact, impacts everyone in specific ways.

Click here for a list of national, and Leeds-based, support services.

Most services listed here are being changed or newly-developed to support people at this time, and some may be unavailable. There is a focus on services for LGBT+ people, who may require a new support network whilst being isolated from their usual network. There is also a focus on services for those at risk of domestic, and sexual violence - bearing in mind that anyone of any gender can be affected by these issues.

Need Emergency Support, But Can't Speak?

 Call 999, then 55.